Who am I?

I am a TESOL certified English teacher , and have been teaching mostly 1-to-1 lessons to people from all over the world, but mostly from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan, China and Korea.

I am now completely bilingual but I also know what it is like to learn English as a foreigner. Being French, I understand the mistakes that Latin based language speakers usually make, which makes me well suited to teach French, Italians, Spanish, Brazilians and Romanians.

I am also used to Asian Grammar and pronunciation and have a few tricks to help Japanese, Chinese and Koreans improve, especially their conversation and pronunciation skills.

Most of all, I love teaching and have been teaching dance, theatre and other disciplines since I was very young.

I taught all ages, all backgrounds, all nationalities, and love helping you achieve what YOU want to achieve. Whether you need conversation, business English, IELTS preparation or grammar lessons, I will help you improve whether you are 10 or 90 years old.

Let’s chat, have fun, study, improve and succeed! Language is power! Become powerful!

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